If you want to perform for one person, you can just start singing. But if you want to perform for a crowd, you need a microphone and an amplifier. Bigger crowd, bigger amplifier. You may even want a screen with a live video of your face so people in the back who can hear the music can still see your face.

When I hear a bass rumble down a block in Brooklyn I get excited. There’s a party going on. All you have to do to find it is follow the sound. I find an unmarked door with a security guard. $10 she says. I buy the ticket and go take the ride.

If you have a party in a field anyone can hear the music and walk up to the stage. The fence they put up at music festivals doesn’t stop the music, but they cover the fence in tarp not to block the wind but rather to block your sight. If you want to experience the party and see the stage you have to buy a ticket.

If you want to create a container for people to experience your ideas, you need to put up a fence and sell tickets.

But you can’t run around outside the gate telling people they should have paid to hear the bass. The amplifiers we use for our ideas on the internet project far beyond the fence.