Sometimes you have to leave to be able to come home again. After a certain point, there seems to be no cure for the overexposure of the spaces that have grown to feel too small, the routines that have become too banal, the people that have started feeling too strange.

And yet when we come back everything seems so much larger. The same old routines feel so natural. The people we used to frown at seem so right.

When this process happens, when we experience the estrangement of our environment, I think we want to leave because we've in truth already left. Leaving physically heals the dissonance we experience when our dissociated bodies catch up with our far ranging imaginations that are busy dreaming of futures in other places.

There are other ways to come back to yourself. When you feel the walls start closing in, it's time to come home. Invite yourself in like a long lost friend. Make yourself your favorite meal. What have you been doing lately? What is making you tick these days? Where do you find meaning? Who do you love?

Oh dear friend, welcome home.