The thing about coming out of your shell is that you loose your shell. When the egg is first created, it contains a whole world. Nutrition, a hard protective layer, and a bounded space to exist within.

Our protective mechanisms ranging from addiction to aggression to isolation also serve functions to protect us. They form hard outer layers that keep others away. They give us space within the confines of our own cages. Even if the cage is small, it’s a known quantity in a world that can feel boundless.

When our shells crack and light pours in from the outside world, we loose something before we have the opportunity to explore a new and larger world. Our eyes take time to adjust. Our skin is sensitive and unused to the feeling of air. Our legs are cramped and stunted, they’ve never walked before.

This is just as true for creative practice. When we crack the shell of our isolation and begin to share with the world, it’s natural that our skin is tender, that our eyes are blinded by the light. They’ve never been outside before to see! Be gentle.