A few hours ago my partner and I lay in bed deciding what to do about dinner. Let me cook for you, I said. I had just bought nice groceries for the first time in weeks. I smiled up at her, It’d be my pleasure. I know she’s been stressed, she just finished a big project at work, post quarantine life is weird, etc. You deserve to nap in bed and to have someone cook for you.

She kept apologizing for being so tired, for not helping cook. I laughed and shooed her out of the kitchen. I grinned watching her fall asleep on the couch.

I realized I’ve had the same few weeks. I’ve been working hard, expecting everything of myself at a strange transitional time.

I want to show myself the same love and kindness. To lie in bed and say, There, there, darling. Let me take care of you tonight. I’ll cook for you. Your favorite fish. And after to let myself slip gently off to sleep,