Over the course of 100 days in the creatives workshop I recorded 39 tracks comprising 6 hours and 9 minutes of music. It's rather incredible looking back on it now. At times I felt like I hadn't made music for days, and I suppose that must have been true, but I sure made a lot of music. A lot of it I'm really proud of.

I released 6 releases to streaming services so far

Here's the final tracklist for my album, I'll be submitting it for release soon!

I just had a long conversation about mastering. It's a sticking point for me. My process is entirely analog and I hate that there's a step at the end of the process that requires me to put it into a computer and futz with it. But it led me to ask important questions - what's this for?

I came into the workshop set on becoming a professional musician. Instead I've become a professional artist for whom music is but one medium but who's main product is process.

I've extremely interested in playing live and musing my music within immersive installations, but the point isn't that it sounds perfectly polished or immaculate, it's not for that. I view this album more as documentation than anything else, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as well. I definitely do!