I haven’t been posting but a lot has been moving. I’ve been feeling the need to close the door a bit and recollect and reprioritize without external voices.

Now that financial pressure is off with my new job, I have the ability to make choices more freely.

I put together a new tracklist for an album that I think is much more cohesive and tells the emotional story I want to tell these days, curious about your thoughts. Not mastered or anything yet.

I put it together very quickly after showing a new friend my music, jumping back and force. And then she left and suddenly things were very clear. I’ve had an old “album” I’ve been stalling on releasing. It felt a bit stale, a bit old. A bit documentary. This feels true. Very vulnerable. Raw.

There are parts of tracks I think go on too long etc. But that’s part of the magic of the way I work. There’s no going back and editing. These are all live recordings of a sonic space I’ve developed in a single session, gotten familiar (enough) with, and then recorded before the magic passed (hopefully). Then I pull all the patch chords and it’s gone forever. There’s absolutely no way I could ever recreate these tracks.

And yet they flow together so well.

There’s a last track I’d like to record for this album. I don’t know when I’ll be ready or what it’ll sound like. It’s called “forgiveness.”