I feel like I’m operating at 20% capacity on the things I care about. Im constantly moving between them, constantly feeling behind, like it’s not enough, like these things deserve and demand the best I can give them.

But what if the best I can give them is 20%? What’s if that’s enough? What I’d just for today, I look around and accept that everything is OK? In fact, that everything is good? Not despite emotional hardship, but including it?

I have many projects, many passions, many callings. What if 20% split 10 ways is actually 200% and I’m killing it?

What if 20% of the effort produces 80% of the results?

What if the stress I feel 80% of the time is producing 100% of my unhappiness, and being 20% kinder, more compassionate, and more patient with myself would make me 80% more satisfied.

What if instead of being 20% failure, I’m 80% enough?