It’s the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn today. Depending on your take on astrology, it’s either the most profound thing shift happening in the next few hundred years, or a cool thing to see in the sky. Astrologists are heralding it the start of the Age of Aquarius, and I will admit to being more than a bit relieved.

I’ve been struggling all day with a feeling that I also equate most with New Year's Eves. A feeling of externally imposed profundity. That moment when you get to the party and look around and every smiles - "Are you having fun?? I'm having fun!! We're having the best night ever!! ...right?"

Today (as well as the days before and after), we’re supposed to reflect on the past and set intentions on the future. I’m already prone to messianic projecting and grandiose thinking, but give a girl a long range vision request, and you’ll find me alternating between epic plans and the immediately induced paralysis that results from those plans growing far beyond my ability in the next reasonable period of action.

Thus I’ve been thinking about grand ways to concretize (and share) my new practices of sharing (so meta, bro). Of daily creative practice. Of honest, open, and vulnerable presentation of myself and my process to the world. Of the process, not the product, being the goal in and of itself. Of character development, humility, and service to my friends and communities.

I was going to create some summary of all of my work, or make a grandiose post on social media about my movement away from commercialize platforms towards independent publishing. Or maybe release an album. Or start writing a novel.

But instead, the best intention I feel I can set is to just do the work, one day at a time. It’s my job to show up for the process, not to judge the results. If there is feedback, I will do my best to receive it with an open heart. But just like the work itself, feedback is a result. My work is to stay engaged in the process of creation, in the process of feeling, learning, healing, and loving.