I inhabit a magical universe. Some part of my belief is the constant and otherwise unbelievable amount of coincidence and unexplainable phenomena in my life. I can either choose to believe that I am a resonant body interacting with energetic processes across a number of scales, and thus that everything I touches changes while it also changes me, or I can hold myself apart. I can believe in chaos, but even chaos has magical rules in the realms of modern physics.

I choose magic.

And I’m confronted with signs everywhere. So what do I think when I have a week where every single little thing doesn’t go right? Where things aren’t easy, where nothing flows?

Is it me? Am I contributing? Is it the forces around me? Am I helpless, lost in some confluence of currents beyond my understanding?

It’s both.

I can choose to embrace the chaos, looking for moments where my influence might be applied at a fulcrum to swing things back around.

And when I am caught again by yet another little thing spiraling out of my control, I can look at the universe and say, “I see you baby, shakin that ass.”