Let’s try some reframing of what I’m offering with The Outwork:

I am a storyteller. My medium is the creative use of technology within artistic process. I work with artists to identify and frame the narratives within their work. When you sit down to your work, whether to a blank canvas, a synthesizer, a community garden, or a boardroom, there is something inside of you that comes alive. A unique combination of your past, your innate being, and the changes that you wish to bring to the world around you. Yet your work on its own is just an artifact of your process, cast adrift in a world of endless talent and craft. To engage an audience, an investor, and most importantly, ourselves, we need to place our work within a narrative that speaks to something deep and universal, that reaches out to others and invites them in.

This is the Outwork.

My story has taken me through many industries, around the world, across gender divides, wealth gaps, cultures, and mediums. I have learned that my voice is strongest when I’m talking about creative process, but that my heart beats loudest when I’m listening and working with others to tell their stories together. I am a veteran of 10 years in the startup industry as a software engineer, CTO, and Executive Director. I draw from this experience to teach a grounded approach to software assisted storytelling - the story of how what you envision 10 years in the future can be brought into the present. This technical process serves as a container for the larger work - learning to engage your audience through the stories that makes you tick.

What is the moment that transforms a stranger into a friend? How do we create successive levels of engagement and porous boundaries between them that support intimacy and vulnerability? How do we monetize access to spaces in a way that is generous and inclusive? How do we invite our audience to come with us on our journey, to see our vision, to share our excitement with bated breath when all we’re looking at together is an empty room?

We tell them a story. The story of you.