Wrote a draft of the wall text for the Move Semantics show.

A Synthetic Identity Manifesto
SIMv0.0.19 The training of “deep learning” algorithms comprised of recurrent neuralnetworks (RNNs) and the development of human identity follow parallel processes.Transformer algorithms such as GPT-2 and it’s successor GPT-3 were originallydesigned to generate continuations of textual prompts. …

Feeling good about it. Spoke at a meeting today about expectations and discouragement being the result of trying to control outcomes. That we suffer when we experience dissonance between the images we have of our future, of ourselves, of others and the reality. Ultimately it’s always a problem of acceptance.

I sat down to my synth and thought I’d video my performance of the track of the day. I worked my way into a patch in maybe 30 minutes, and then setup the camera. It was conveniently the golden hour. I opened my laptop and plugged in the audio interface. I started a new Ableton project to catch the recording and named it “Expectations.” I played a lovely version (if a somewhat hard edged ambient techno thing can be considered lovely). Checked Ableton, no audio. Forgot to configure the interface settings (why the fuck do I have to do that every time I plug it in…). Called a friend. Tried again. This time the audio has some other weird unidentifiable issue. Sounds all wrong, still not sure what happened. The message was clear. Expectations. Let them go. Let it go.