From a call today: my genre = Breakbeat techno with the sparkly ass synths

Some reflections on these last 50 days of daily posting and creative practice.

I don't have to feel good to be creative
I don't have to feel creative to produce creative work
I don't have to think its good to post it
I don't know much about how people will react
If it resonates with one person that's enough, and that person can be me
The amount of gut wrenching Resistance I feel is directly related to how courageous, vulnerable, and bold I was yesterday
The voices in my head are best put on mute
I don't forget to do the things I care about
There are always more good ideas
Here's another one
If I feel stingy about a creative work, it's time to just make another one
The more generously I give, the more I receive, although often not in the form I'm expecting
I thrive under the structure of nonnegotiable daily practice
If there isn't a moment in my schedule today where something intends to happen, it'll never happen
I'm still insecure about my music
I'm the only one able to give myself the validation I need
I have a great time having dance parties to my own music
Genre isn't a trap, it's the narrative of musical conversation
It doesn't have to be profound, it just has to be true (and then it might even be profound)
I'm grateful, I'm grateful, I'm grateful

Shipped the final Move Semantics materials to the curators this morning. The astrology apps say I'm starting a new cycle today. Got my first COVID vaccine in a post-apocalyptic dreamworld of military fatigues and big white tents. I am awake in a dream.