I’m not feeling very wordy right now, but here’s some music anyway. If you’re not feeling like techno, I particularly like the more whimsical sparkly outro starting at 7:26.

I haven’t gotten into slicing these recordings into different sections as tracks yet, might be worth thinking about. I’ve been getting quite comfortable building these patches, however I’m less comfortable transitioning into new spaces in the middle of playing, which continues to give me anxiety about doing longer live performances. I know I just need to practice, but also that my current process isn’t forcing me to do those transitions.

I had tons of thoughts and project plans and I almost sat down to write this post a few times, but felt that I would need to share them and didn’t feel ready yet. Some part of this is Resistance, but some part is incubation. Today I’m keeping it for myself, to let it come out in the process as it will. One of the interesting things that’s emerging from this daily posting practice is that it becomes the structure for my thinking, but it need not demand it. It’s an opportunity, not an obligation, even if it’s a nonnegotiable commitment,

So glad so many of you resonated with my last post, I hope to have more specific responses, but for tonight I need the self-care of taking more time for myself and my own process. You’re all in my heart.