Every time I give advice that resonates particular deeply with someone, I realize that it is the solution to my own problems as well. This was become such a self-fulfilling prophesy that whenever I start really getting into it with someone about something they're struggling with, my sensitive spots start cringing a little.

  1. If you've been putting something off for a while and are getting increasingly ashamed and annoyed at yourself for how simple and easy the thing should be, there's an obvious answer. The thing feels neither simple or easy for you. Perhaps the reason you haven't done it is that you keep giving it the amount of time and attention that a simple and easy thing would take, but it's actually far more sensitive and challenging than that. How about making it into the project that has enough structure and support to match the feeling?
  • said to a friend about shipping her hoodies outside NYC after a new single release
  • Looking at your and those taxes and closing the nonprofit that you founded with your not yet ex-wife, Scarlet
  1. Just put out an album, you have plenty of material that makes sense together from this workshop. You're talented and the music is wonderful.
  • said to @danneepeppi in little ways for weeks
  • Looking at you Scarlet

Ok, ok, here's an opening volley of a playlist that could be an album of tracks from Akimboland. I was going to title my memoir this, and I still may, but I think it's going to be the first album

  1. Drinking water is the solution to most of your problems - let things flow through you
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  • looking at you Girl, the soda water not being cold yet ain't an excuse
  1. To find clarity in your current work you need to work back from your long term vision to identify the stories and practices that you build into daily habits today. Do Debbie Millman's [10 year plan exercise](http://my10yearplan.com/)
  • given as an opening assignment for The Outwork Accelerator.
  • -_-, you mean now’s the time I have to do this exercise I’ve been putting off for months? Something about confronting my fear of success after some epic things went right and then so far left shortly afterwards in my not so distant past? How about including that in your story and giving this a bunch of time and space - see 1.