Today is Monday and I had somewhat grand intentions today to knock some things off my todo list before I take tomorrow off for my partner’s birthday. But I have given so much energetically in the last few weeks, in launching The Outwork, in performing for multitudes yesterday, in starting to emerge post COVID winter for a new round of opening outwards, transition, and abundance. I’m feeling a very strong call to tend to my own garden so that I have fruits to offer others in the coming weeks and months.

I made music today. Just for myself. In fact I had a full on rave in my living room. Must techno was had. The multitudes performance when I did an encore on the spot, the number of live recordings I’ve posted during this workshop, and playing today continue to confirm that I’ve reached the point where I can play continuously and not run out of improvised material and places to go. I’m excited! This was very much not the case a year or even 6 months ago.

But for now, rest. Focusing on my own practice and my relationships with those around me so that I can put things in motion for others later this week.