The ending of this track felt so delicious I just had to name it that to savor the feeling on my tongue a bit longer.

If I want to serve you a delicious meal, I must learn to cook delicious food for myself first. If I always give alway everything I cook, I end up hungry, and hungry, tired, and undernourished cooks tend to steal from the plates.

But so frequently I can get lost in the plating, in the experience of dining, in creating atmosphere, or even a community around the restaurant. None of it works if the food isn't delicious. And that doesn't work for long unless the cooks are eating.

Do you eat your own food? Do you sit at the table when you serve your masterpieces? Do you laugh and share stories over them? Or do you hide in the back with a bottle of cheap drink, an empty belly, and an even more empty heart. Who'd keeping you in the back? At the restaurant, it's might be your job to stay there. But in your creative practice, maybe it's time to hire yourself in a role that's more delicious.