I had a lot of energy Monday/Tuesday, but today after getting back from a meeting in Manhattan this morning I’ve been hit with a wave of exhaustion. I had finishing outstanding consulting work on my calendar that was otherwise fairly clear, and I barely managed to finish my morning pages and make it to my mastermind.

@danneepeppi was talking about the cycle of her energy, and it matched mine so exactly, it made me remember that my emotions and body cycles aren’t caused by my thoughts. I’m a participant in the energetic process of communities on a variety of levels. When we share vulnerably, we can see the evidence of these forces at work in others, and then recognize them in ourselves. But when I don’t see these signs, I’m prone to think everything is a consequence of my own mind. That my exhaustion is yet another problem to be solved. Sometimes it is, and there are indeed things I can do, but often times the best thing is to just let go and ride the waves with those around us.

PS. This post is another data point in the growing argument being made to myself that I don’t need to be awake, inspired, or whatever combination of secret sauce I used to think was required to write daily content. This may not be my most creative moment, but it’s the commitment to presenting my process as the product that creates a container. When the creative moment comes, I don’t want to be thinking about how to present it, it’ll just be here.