Thank you all so much for your replies and consideration. Saturday nights after coming back online after my weekly Screen Shabbat always feels a bit overwhelming, but I’m really grateful for the space you hold for me and each other. I hope to find time to reply to each of you tomorrow.

The point of all of these conversations is to create space. Space for each of us to be ourselves. As much of ourselves as we can be.

To create space we have to allow for it to not be filled when it opens. This is always a moment of tension. The pull to fill the silence. The desire to see the ideas and structures you long to build complete.

The best work I can do is to recognize these moments of tension as a sign not that something is going wrong and needs to be corrected, but that it’s going right. Just as we must stress our muscles until they are tired to improve our health, so too must we sit in the uncomfortable tension of these questions to improve our social health. Sitting with them is the work itself.