On day 100, as I struggle again with long term COVID symptoms brought back by the vaccine, as I cancel appointments to squeeze in acupuncture, as I count my blessings, I am reminded that when we strip away the trappings of our lives we are left with our practices.

100 days ago I had a million creative ideas, I was making music and starting to consider sharing it more broadly, I was writing morning pages and occasionally some blogs. I’m now ready to finalize and release an album. I’ve started The Outwork building a business and community helping other artists share their work. I’ve written many pieces of writing I’m proud of that I’ve been told have inspired others.

But most importantly, I have a daily practice that exists in the world, not in my head. Some of the lessons have been very helpful, but mostly I have benefited from the container and the community.

This is very much just a beginning, but most profound of all is that it’s just another day. Just another post. A structural shift in the foundations of my life.