Everyone's always saying that they’re having a feeling and in a way that’s true. Feelings exist in our bodies as the result of complex chemical and energetic processes - manifestations of thousands of years of evolution that condense complex thought into an intuitive moment. They are something that are an experience we have. In the same way you notice that your muscles are sore from a hard workout.

We frequently confuse this for a reality that defines us. I am sore. I am tired. That’s ridiculous. I am not tiredness. I am experiencing tiredness.

When we step outside into a storm and we get wet, we’re not the rain. You don’t say, "I am raining." You are simply experiencing wetness.

However with any experience there are two choices, we be a passive observer and victim, or to be an active participant.

When I say, “I am sad,” the feeling is being done to me. But “I am feeling sad(ness)” requires me to claim my feeling as an action.

And like with the rain, if we want to get dry we usually have to do something. Soaked clothing takes a long time to air dry, but come in close to the fire and strip naked and things warm quickly.

Want to move some sadness? Find a way to produce your own rain.