I'd spoken of direct musical action...even if you didn't like the results...Do what you say you’d do.

A line from yet another spoken word sample continuing my new obsession with the calmly lilting voice over techno.

I started this patch on the modular last night, and found the lovely top line and bass part quickly. My friend who’s staying with me and his partner hung out in the living room for a bit, and it turned into a performance that I hadn’t intended. The recorder wasn’t attached to the mixer. I’ve heard people mention things like “Always be recording,” and while I disagree with always (it’s just too much material), I definitely learned my lesson last night that recording should always be a completely trivial moment.

It’s been a rule of mine to always pull the patch cables at the start of every session. I love to process of a clean slate. It challenges me to be concise with my ideas, to embrace their ephemeral nature. I started pulling cables last night, and just couldn’t. I wasn’t done with some of the sounds, and so I redid maybe the 5-10 connections I’d pulled with my friend showing him what it’s like to destroy a patch.

The mix today felt both more polished and complex but also less raw and inspired. There are a few moments where I can hear myself out of the flow and overthinking. The vocal sample isn’t bold and present enough for my tastes (i’ve discovered that mixing in headphones is much harder than on my monitors).

Regardless, I loved playing and recording this patch. I’m working to not judge, to put it out there anyway, and if I have feedback, it’s for next time. The practice is in the process.