I wrote this lullaby of sorts for my now partner Taylor, back when we were close friends. It was a few weeks into the initial quarantine in the spring of 2020, and we were all scared and doing our best to cope.

Listening now, I giggle at the chasteness of vocal sample, but it was entirely genuine. This is the first partnership of my life that has been chosen slowly and intentionally. There was indeed intense initial attraction, but after a rush we pulled back into a steady and mutually supportive friendship that grew over many months. I'd never before experience that level of support, respect, and care.

I remember asking her up to stay with me at my friends house in the Catskills, I stopped myself to consider if I had a hidden agenda. No, I decided, this was a person I deeply respected and wanted in my life on their own terms. I think this was a defining moment in my approach to partnership, perhaps the first step towards true partnership with another being after years of unmanageability.