A very techno timezone to you! I wanted to play with these heavy bass and hi-hat beats pulling against each other with some weird stereo panning of the daily tails in the background. It's a bit intentionally disorienting. I always have a weird moment when I finish making music like this and stand up and the room spins a bit. Or maybe that's just my vertigo...(hello hormones my old friend).

I submitted my next two EPs for release, "Tightly Broken, Already Held" on 3/7 (which will probably arrive in stores later than that due to the short turn around) and One-Way Plate Glass on 3/14. I already have a single "Flights" set to release 3/21, which puts me back on track for my weekly release schedule. I have a potential EP already lined up for 3/29 to release the remixes I've done with Fallow Dear, pending some discussion with her.

Had a call today with the Move Semantics show curators. I've been feeling really stressed about the looming deadlines, and rushing to try to rework and recontextualize my old thinking about Synthetic Identity within my current musical practice. The result is both a concept of Narrative Resonance, and a realization that that may be best saved for the next show. We put together a wall sketch and came up with a great concept for a treatment of text bot that allows you to interact with a synthetic identity text generation. Framing things from this trashy high school teenager vibe, overhead projector with the diagrams of the conceptual interactions between human and synthetic identity, high school bathroom mirror "text XXX-XXX-XXXX for a good time" with the number of the bot. Going to sit with how to work that into the wall text to flank the printed diagrams and code.

Heard recently a line that

Too many times discouragement has been the bonus for unrealistic expectations, not to mention self-pity or fatigue from my wanting to change the world by the weekend.

Remembering that I'm not doing the work a service by trying to do too much. That doesn't mean I don't have the opportunity to present what I have as well as possible. However there's a huge difference from presenting what is, and attempting to fill in what I think should be because I'm insecure about the work that exists. It's easy for me to forget why the work is interesting with my nose up next to it, to get caught in the future conceptual development, and to lose track of the the magical alchemy that can be found in these generation algorithms that got me excited about this work in the first place.