This afternoon at 2:30 the lesson plan for the Outwork session I was going to teach at 3 felt murky at best. I knew what I wanted to convey, but not the structure to get there.

I was going to talk about Ghost and how to use it to create an exterior and an interior space for a digital community, but that felt hollow. I couldn’t see the forest for the technical trees.

So I went for a walk, and took myself through a thought process I do frequently. Software is not the point. It’s a tool, a means to a end. Software when used effectively allows us to tell a story with our audience.

What was the story I wanted to tell? Not one about having a blog. One about facilitating a process of progressive intimacy. And suddenly the class fit directly into my existing metaphors.

It’s not about how. How comes later. How is for when we tie up our skirts and measure out the rows before we lift the pick high.

First, tell me a story.